Seeking New Solutions
November, 2003
Vol. 2, Number 11
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Leadership Criterion 3: Leaders are dedicated to solve the problems of the planet

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Leadership Criterion 4: Leaders create cooperation and hope.

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Moving Forward
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Worls Peace in Less Than a Month?


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Moving Forward

In order for us to be good stewards of our life, and for our policy makers to be good stewards of society the spirit of freedom from the past must be active in our consciousness. The biggest obstacle to progress on a personal scale or on a national scale is feeling trapped by past decisions, by past circumstances, by past errors, by past expectations or by past injuries received. In addition, we are often unconsciously trapped by past habits, by our fears, by our pride, or by our unfulfilled desires. No matter what our station or position in life or in society we do not have freedom, happiness or personal control over our destiny if any one of those traps is influencing us. When any inner or outer force is controlling us through these personal traps we cannot progress nor solve the most fundamental needs of our life. Looking forward and working for a better future is like breathing fresh air. It gives new energy and reveals new possibilities.

Usually it takes a major crisis or a major milestone to make us change a course that is taking us to unhappiness or to failure. Once again, these make us live as victims even if they do make us change for the better. When we must experience a crisis or a milestone in our life in order to progress and solve our problems we are living without a vision or a plan for our future. People are often willing to stay miserable for an entire year waiting for New Year's Day in order to change an undesirable habit, as if that magic day will give them a power or a reason that they lack every other day!

The spirit of freedom must be a guiding force in our lives. This does not mean the freedom to control others, but rather the freedom to control ourselves. Each day when we awaken, it is a new year. It is a new opportunity to work for a better life for us and for others. We cannot be free if we carry past wounds or past conditioning into the new day. Forgiveness and self-assessment are good practices at the beginning of each day. Forgiveness liberates our emotions and mind from past injuries and bitterness, and self-assessment breeds self-improvement. We cannot move forward unless we free ourselves from all that is holding us back and find new goals and new solutions to nagging problems. Self-assessment creates the psychological environment that makes us open for change. Call it healthy humility.

Moving forward is a result of active idealism. Idealists have a positive view of life and of human nature. The goal for idealists is to create the conditions in which the positive can grow. It is cultivating happiness through meeting basic human needs and aspirations. Pessimists and people who perpetuate negativity inflict most human pain and suffering. These are fearful people who are living a lie. They are enemies of themselves and they make enemies of others. When these people are political leaders they thrust their whole nation and the world into misery. True greatness for an individual or for a nation is to move forward in humility to fulfill the ideals that bring happiness to others. A person or a nation working to be free from past shortcomings, solving problems creatively, and moving forward becomes an inspiration for others and a model of the power of freedom and self-determination. Such progressive examples produce cooperation and a better life for all.


© 2003 Richard Sidy

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