Seeking New Solutions
May, 2004
Vol. 3, Number 5
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World Diplomacy:
Leadership (four rules)
World Diplomacy
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(vol. 2, no. 2 - Feb., 2003)
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World Diplomacy:
World Diplomacy
(vol.1, no. 2 - Feb., 2002)
Hope for the Future
World Diplomacy
(vol. 1, no. 9 - Sept.,2002)


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Leadership Criterion 3: Leaders are dedicated to solve the problems of the planet

(Vol. 2, No. 2)

Leadership Criterion 4: Leaders create cooperation and hope.

(Vol. 2, No. 3)
Avoiding Dictatorship in a Free Society — Part 1
(Vol. 2, No. 4)
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Living the Good Life
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Core Values
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The Tour de France — A
Sporting Model for Diplomacy
(Vol. 2, No. 9)
Teaching Teens — Part I
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Teaching Teens — Part II
(Vol. 2, No. 11)
Moving Forward
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Worls Peace in Less Than a Month?


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Global Consciousness IV

The Sense of Beauty

Adapted from the book World Diplomacy by Richard Sidy
Chapter VIII, "Global Consciousness."

The sense of beauty is a great protector for humanity. First, the sense of beauty enables one to make choices that are true, orderly, beneficial, and life-promoting, and to reject what is full of degenerative seeds, sickness, chaos and destruction. Second, beauty has the ability to transform and uplift, to create positive attitudes, to balance conflicting tendencies, to touch the inner reality. Third, beauty unites, builds bridges, and creates common ground. Fourth, the sense of beauty gives direction, creates clarity of thinking and of perception, eliminating confusion and doubt. It is a protection because of its power to restore, uplift and reveal the best qualities, defeating negative forces through its irresistible spiritual power.

In the field of international politics only beauty of motive and action can prevent enemies from growing. When enemies are created out of a destructive psychology implanted by the unhappy conditions of their lives, beauty has greater power and permanence than attack or persecution to eliminate the threat they pose to themselves and to others. The healing and transforming power of beauty can create new possibilities, respect for self and others, and show the way to better relationships. The challenge to "love thy enemy" is the challenge to cultivate the innate beauty of the human spirit in oneself and in others to create a sense of fellowship. When fellowship is created one lives by the golden rule of respect and care for one another.

The natural expression of love is beauty. Beauty unites different elements and coordinates them harmoniously to express a single purpose. The highest expressions of human culture — those enduring works that are admired for ages — demonstrate a striving towards an ideal of beauty. The laws of beauty and harmony may be applied to diplomacy as well. If diplomacy truly be an art, then the results of diplomatic efforts must be beauty and unity of purpose. When enemies or countries with divisive self-interests or contradictory ideologies begin cultural exchanges, they are beginning the road to reconciliation, communication, respect and friendship.

The sense of beauty is a part of global consciousness since it eliminates prejudice, and breaks the barriers of narrow-minded selfish viewpoints releasing the expression of love, unity and goodness. With the sense of beauty we build lines of communication. One cannot see beauty in others without having the same beauty in oneself. The sense of beauty is a communication between our beauty and other beauties. In sensing beauty we create a relationship with other parts of our universe. This sense is an essential element of diplomacy since through beauty of motive and action we appreciate and bring out the beauty in others, building a basis for mutual respect and communication.

© 2004 Richard Sidy

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