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Lesson Plans: Teacher's Guide for book Rebellion with Purpose and Explore U.S.A. Activity Packets


This is a course which helps students:

  • develop personal integrity
  • develop a positive attitude towards life
  • develop communication skills
  • deal with negative relationships and develop positive ones
  • develop a "success" self-image
  • develop leadership potential
  • plan and carry out a service project





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Click Here for Free Teacher's Guide to Accompany the Book

To the Teacher:

Our teacher's guide is designed as a companion to the text with open-ended teaching strategies and lessons. 
It is full of activities and suggestions for expanding and applying the concepts presented in each chapter. 
Links to numerous resources and materials to supplement the text are provided for many of the lessons.

The highly relevant nature of the book's content, when presented in a supportive and practical way to young people, will create a dynamic learning environment which will help students make positive changes in their lives. The lessons in this guide have been used with great success and have resulted in bringing out positive peer leadership, and a greater degree of personal responsibility, integrity, and desire to help others.

The authors offer support via e-mail for your questions, and are available to run workshops for your school, institution, school district or community. The teacher's guide may be used itself by the teacher as a preparatory course for the teaching of this book, and may serve as a curriculum for submission and approval to schools and/or school districts. 




Explore U.S.A. Educational Resources

With our Explore U.S.A. activity sets your students will become totally involved independent "explorers" while they gain the tools for learning. Whether they are gifted, home-schooled, or part of a traditional classroom you will enjoy your role as guide while they develop research skills, higher level thinking skills, and creative expression. The projects can be approached individually or in groups of kids of differing ability levels. 

Explore U.S.A.  has activities for developing basic skills and for enrichment. They are interdisciplinary and involve hands-on learning. They may be used as an entire curriculum or individual projects may be selected for research or to reinforce other texts. 

Our activity set comes with a detailed and easy to use teacher's guide and free consultation and technical support via telephone or e-mail. The activities are presented in a clear, step-by-step style. Click here for more details, or contact us

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