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Rebellion with purpose: A young adult's guide to the improvement of self and society 

Price $9.95
192 pages, soft bound 

ISBN: 0-9633744-1-9
Teen/Young Adult,
Motivational, Self-help,
Psychology, Leadership

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Rebellion with Purpose


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World Diplomacy 


Price $8.95
176 pages
soft bound
ISBN: 0-9633744-0

Politics, Philosophy,
International Relations,
Global Studies

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World Diplomacy



45 pages reproducible activities
24-page teachers' guide
Price $19.50
8.5X11 spiral bound

Social Studies

Grades 5 --10

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Explore U.S.A.


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Rebellion with Purpose.

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Price $5.00
8.5X11 spiral bound
33 pages and worksheets





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