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Price $9.95 192 pages, soft bound ISBN: 0-9633744-1-9 Teen/Young Adult, Motivational, Self-help, Psychology, Leadership

Table of Contents

  1. Telling Your Story
  2. Everything is Life
  3. Failing is not a Right
  4. Freedom
  5. Living the Good Life
  6. Finding the Path
  7. Friendship, Love, Marriage, Sex
  8. Is Making Sacrifices Necessary?
  9. How to Prepare for the Future

Frequently Asked Questions about Rebellion With Purpose

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Rebellion with Purpose
A Young Adult's Guide to the Improvement of Self and Society

"Young adults will enjoy this encouraging guide to self-improvement and the development of moral and ethical values in a changing world. It doesn't preach, but it does invite kids to think about what it means to 'live the good life,' and what elements are involved in creating and maintaining a life vision."

The Children's Bookwatch
Midwest Book Review

The young people who have walked into Richard Sidy's classroom over the years have been typical of America's youth: full of dreams, confusion, potentials, achievements, and obstacles. The reader will perhaps recognize them in the pages of Rebellion with Purpose as one's own family members, acquaintances, neighbors, students or oneself. In this troubled age a book like this is an affirmation of life and a reinforcement for the human spirit.

Rebellion with Purpose is a refreshing, challenging, and caring new approach which speaks straight to the heart and mind. It is a practical guide, based on the real experiences of young people, to help the reader gain more control over his or her life, and to increase one's understanding, happiness, success, sense of purpose, and hope for the future.

This is also a must read for parents, teachers, counselors or those who give guidance to young people.

Free Lesson Plans to Accompany Book:

Teachers and Counselors CLICK HERE to read and print out free lesson plans, activity guide, and links to great resources to accompany Rebellion With Purpose. See how you can use this book as an effective text for high school students. This is a complete, tested curriculum with personalized help available.

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Purchase the book Rebellion With Purpose for only $3.98 per copy (that's 60% off the regular price of $9.95) when you order 10 or more copies for your class or youth group. We will include a free copy for the teacher.

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