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Selected Poetry of
Richard Sidy
Author Richard Sidy
Poetry Index

Out of My Skin
A Matter of Scale

Heat Wave
Poet and Pet

A Reasonable Life

Snapshots 2006
Hush and Listen
Lizard Thoughts
White Rose
Mother of the World

Poems 2005 —
Passion & Discontent
The Wake of Disaster

Mama's Tears
Old Furniture
Sounds of an Empty Promise
Three Quarters
Vientos del Mediterráneo

Giving In

Poems 2004
The Dissappearance of Lao Tsu
Nameless Beauty
Memory Game
Every Little Thing Counts
Landscapes of Yo Yo Ma's Brazil
Miles (to Miles Davis)
The Colors of Piazzolla's Tango

War and Peace
Making Friends
Old Glory
Kabul Update
Take Heart
March Madness

Poems 2003
Johnny Cash
Between Heartbeats
"Naked Poetry"
Sunflower Sonnet No. 1.5

New York City
My NYC is not your NYC
SanitationWorker, NYC
Passing By
Belly-button Renaissance
West Chelsea

Poems 2002
Finding Each Other
Kindred Spirits
To Our Youth
At Sunset
Holland in Winter

On Society
McKinney X-Tex
Lady Liberty
Making Friends
Old Glory

Life's Lessons
Child's Life
Crashing Surf
In Search of the Unknown
Love at First Sight
Holding Hands
Grandpa's Tools

First Snow
Downcast Eyes
Sagrada Familia

In France
French Gardens
Air Show
Cell Phones 01-04

Lovers in the Castle

Poems of society, the human condition, and spiritual discovery

Why do I write poetry? I think that in poetry one can capture many dimensions of the commonplace and give it significance. Through poetry we can dramatize our observations and ideals.

People take their lives for granted, yet in every experience there are elements of all that make us grow as human beings - humor, mystery, beauty, suffering, desire, appreciation, striving, anger, compassion, a sense of purpose.

Poetry is a tool to overcome habitual ways of behaving. Most of our life we act and perceive the world through a web of pre-programmed associations. We miss the essence of why things are the way they are. Poetry takes us beyond mental and emotional patterns and limitations and goes to the causes behind events. It helps us observe in a new, more free, creative and open way.

Through poetry one may open the door to the unseen, and touch deeper layers of understanding. It is the song of life singing in nature, in our experiences, and in world events.

© 2007 Richard Sidy

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Archives 2005
Volumn 4
January: "Standing up for Humanity"
February: "The Wake of Disaster" – a poem
March: "Unity in Diversity
April: "Life is Calling"
May: "Entertainment" – a poem
June: "Thought and Imagination" part 1
July: "Thought and Imagination" part 2
August: "Imagination and Healing"
September: "Malice or Neglect? – Lessons of Katrina"
October: "Protecting Children"
November: "Intelligent Design or Evolution?"
December: "Building with one hand, destroying with the other"
Archives 2006
Volumn 5

January: "Conflict, Harmony, and Integrity"
February: "Satyagraha or Soul-force and Political Change"
March: "I Know I'm Not Alone - Wisdom of Michael Franti"
April: "Human Programming and Conflict Part I"
May: "Human Programming and Conflict Part II"
June: "Soccer Diplomacy"
July: "Sustainable Development is Nature's Way
August: "Parallel Universes"
September: "The News is not New"
October: "Legalizing Torture"
November: "Living Without an Enemy"
December: "Fast Food is really Slow Food"

Archives 2007
Volumn 6

January: "State of Fear"
February: Criminal Justice - "The Powerful Over the Weak"
March: "Culture Shock: The Good Life and Survival"
April: "March Madness"
May: "No Child Left Behind" Leaves Many Teachers Behind
June: "Personal Ecology"
July: Criminal Justice - "The Ethic of Custodianship"
August: "Exploring the Mind - part 1"
September: "Exploring the Mind - part 2: The Poetic Mind
October: "How Much Pain Can We Stand?"
November: "When Languages Disappear"
December: "Is it Enough to be Tolerant?"

Archives 2008
Volumn 7

January: "Beyond Ideology: Politics of the Future "
February: "Beyond the Bush Years"
March: "The Imaginary Economy - Part I
April: "The Imaginary Economy - Part II
May: Questions from Prison
June: "iGods and Connectivity"
July: "Energy Independence"
August: "Tribalism and the 2008 Elections
September: "Guilt, Shame and U.S. Justice"
October: "Have We Been Willing Slaves?"
November: "Are We Ready for the Future?"
December: "Are we done learning from pain?"

Archives 2009
Volumn 8

January: "Awakening"
February: "When Sacrifice is no Sacrifice"
March: "The Good New Days"
April: "The Power of Metaphor"
May: "The Conflict of Mythologies"
June: "The Time is Right"
July: "The New Anarchy"
August: "The Art of Living"
September: "Outrage"
October: "Are Women Becoming More Unhappy?

November: "Effect of the manufacturing culture on the American Psyche"
December: Who are the Real Game Changers?

Archives 2010
Volumn 9

January: The Music of Place
February: Earthquakes and Other Awakenings
March: Sense of Place, Sense of Self, Sense of Humanity
April: Why Do People Serve?
May: Decentralizing Food and Energy
June: Beyond Reading and Writing — Ecological literacy
July: Organization or Organism?
August: Fear and Cynicism = “Inter-fear-ance”
September: Are we afraid of our "Better Angels?"
October: Choosing Our Battles
November: Meeting the Need
December: A Living Canvas


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