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Sept.-Oct. 2012
Vol. 11, Number 9-10


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A hopeful approach for the future of international relations.

Redirect teen rebellion towards idealism and self improvement.

Read excerpts from unpublished book: Science, Religion and the Search for God —Bridging the Gap.

Poems of society, the human condition, and spiritual discovery.

Our student activities and curriculum materials instill an environmental, cultural, and global perspective, and integrate various academic disciplines.

Featured Articles about Responsibility, the Future and Consciousness:

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Series on Leadership
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World Peace in Less Than a Month?
Can Idealism Solve Problems?
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Protecting Children: Words and Deeds





This Month's Article

For Christopher
(Christopher Ya'ir Lane 1972-2012)

This month my article has to be a poem. Perhaps because a friend, a brother, a poet passed away before we were ready. It made me find poetry again in me. Maybe he is now a living muse in another dimension for those of us who missed our own poetry while he walked and laughed with us, and gave us his poetry.

I am a landscape

I am a landscape of many dimensions...

To the touch, sensations of ages
are recorded, still thrilling
to the love living in nerves and flesh,
trails through mountains, deserts, seashores;
through urban streets, veins of life
beating the accompaniment of journeys
into hearts, faces lit by sun rays
revealing illumined beauty, or casting shadows.

Skin, the soil of time, rich
with layer upon layer of fertile matter
eroding through untamed rivers
of emotion, building , growing, washing away
to canyons of happiness, compassion, and pain -
a record in human geology
littered with the fossils of repeated acts.

Above, within, and radiant,
the transcendent spirit of time contemplates -
figuring out the next step,
the new direction,
reaching out to fellow explorers in time and space,
seeking the timeless and unbound,
the ensouling planet cycling around a star
lonely, and at the same time connected to all.

Mountains to plains, weathered
by the unchecked persistence of habit,
torn apart in thermal outbursts of purpose,
inner cauldrons, perennial treasure troves
that build new, towering landforms
exposing gemstones born of heat and tension,
periodic rhythms inhaling and exhaling vital energies.

I am a landscape of ancient forms
evolving in the flash of a lifetime.


© 2012 Richard V. Sidy

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