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August, 2010
Vol. 9, Number 8


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This Month's Article

Fear and Cynicism = “Inter-fear-ance”

I would like to coin the term “inter-fear-ance” to describe the obstructive behavior of the siblings, fear and cynicism. Fear is the emotional one that creates paralysis and hopelessness, interfering with clear thinking and selfless actions. Cynicism is the older, intellectual sibling that uses bad past experiences and disappointments to justify inaction and doubt. “Inter-fear-ance” is the act of spreading hopelessness and defeatism to others so that society does not progress beyond its miserable yet “acceptable” condition.

Fear and Cynicism have their devils that lead them on the destructive paths of hatred, gossip, prejudice, and fanaticism. In their milder forms we have what in many political cultures we see as gridlock and inertia due to ideological or personality conflicts. Political parties often use fear in the political culture as an underlying method of gaining support and holding power. The result is that problems of society are not solved and needs are not met in a timely manner. Politicians are inter-fear-ing with progress. The desired result of political inaction is widespread cynicism and apathy in the citizens — a sense of powerlessness.

There are so many groups working on beneficial solutions to environmental, economic, and social problems, but they have to struggle so hard to have their voices heard and their projects succeed. The political, financial, and corporate culture inter-fears to stop solutions that threaten their stranglehold on society. This is NOT a cynical view. Rather, it is a definition of the tactics frequently used by enemies of human well-being and human empowerment. Can people stand against this inter-fear-ance and be successful?

People who demonstrate the determination to go forward to serve causes that improve the human condition are growing in number and will be successful. This is called “heroism.” This is the weapon against the inter-fear-ing ones. Today, heroes are not just the occasional unique individuals, but there are numerous groups of heroes. This network of heroes will take the initiative, and future politicians and corporate leaders will have to take their cues from them.

Focusing on and supporting individuals and groups that are working to better the human condition can overcome the emotional and mental states of fear and cynicism. An optimistic viewpoint is not easily gained by sitting on the sidelines of change. People working together generate such positive energy that even if not successful, they have great joy, sense of empowerment and optimism. With their synergy of vision, purpose and expertise people can overcome inter-fear-ance by sour-faced people who have not the slightest concept of a bright future.

© 2010 Richard V. Sidy


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