January, 2005
Vol. 4, Number 1
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This Month's Article


"Standing up for Humanity"

When will human consciousness finally reach the point where we no longer choose to live in peace only as a consequence of avoiding pain and suffering? This article deals with the responsibility of each individual to speak and act in such a way that leaders can no longer avoid making the well-being and respect of everyone the highest priority of all governments.

In the Middle East there is a legendary teacher named "Mullah Nasruddin." His methods of teaching were often strange and shocking. Thus people continually debated whether he was wise or a fool. One day the Mullah went to the center of the town square that was crowded with people from all around for the weekly market. In the center of the square stood a large tree which had been standing for generations. Nasruddin, a saw in hand, started climbing. Choosing a large sprawling branch, he sat straddling it out towards the end. He then started sawing the branch between him and the trunk. Quickly a large crowd gathered and started shouting. "Mullah, Mullah Nasruddin! Come down! You fool, can't you see that you are cutting the branch on which you are sitting? You will kill yourself!" The Mullah continued to saw, ignoring the warnings from the crowd until, at last, he fell to the ground in a tangle of branches. He got up slightly dazed, and answered the shouting and scolding crowd: "I was simply doing what I see you all doing every day in your life!"

It is time to wake up, and to wake up others, to the fact that we are cutting ourselves off from our source of life. This source is our common humanity and the well-being of our planet. An "awakening" is a change of consciousness. It is a change from living from one harsh and painful lesson to another, learning through suffering. It is the change from living ignorantly and selfishly to living intelligently and cooperatively.

The sign of a changed consciousness is working for goals based on a vision for a better future. People cannot continue living divided into "the powerful" and "the powerless," tormenting themselves and others needlessly. A changed consciousness will promote basic human values and human rights for all. A changed consciousness will constantly advocate the possibility of world peace even amidst today's clouds of hatred. A changed consciousness will stand for the "common good" seeing that it is the utmost protection of individual rights.

In the midst of the conflicts, cruelty and fear that dominate the daily news, there are so many people throughout the world working for peace, tolerance, and understanding. There are many people who strongly believe that human beings are essentially good but lack the proper leadership to bring out that goodness. Are all these people who believe in a peaceful and prosperous future wise, or are they fools?

If one believes, as we do, that they are wise, and that human nature is good, then it is time for good people to stand up for humanity. Standing up for humanity, in our view, means working in one's daily environment to celebrate the diversity and oneness of the human race. All human creations throughout history that were beautiful and unifying were expressions of the human spirit. All inhumanity, fanaticism, and greed were not products of the human heart. Discord and enmity are ruinous, and those who justify shameful deeds for whatever reason, are enemies of humanity. This must be said, and demonstrated daily by words and acts of tolerance, compassion and peace.

Good people must not permit enemies of humanity to remain in positions of power. Ultimately, human beings are responsible for who they choose or let lead them. Humanity has remained like the foolish Mullah Nasruddin, cutting off the branch upon which we are sitting, with no vision and no foresight. Now we must demonstrate that we have learned the wise Mullah's lesson.

© 2005 Richard Sidy



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