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November, 2010
Vol. 9, Number 11


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This Month's Article

Meeting the Need

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Politics that does not meet the need is false politics.
  • Philosophy that does not meet the need is false philosophy.
  • Society that does not meet the need is false society.
  • Economy that does not meet the need is false economy.

"What is the need?" one may ask.

The "need" is all around us, in all that we encounter in our daily life. Observe with compassion like the Little Prince. Our hearts know our responsibilities. The mind divides and excuses, while the heart unites and is true to one's consience.

"Isn't this too simplistic?" one may ask.

Life in its essence is simple. What is complicated is that humans resist the lessons that they need to learn in this life, by playing hide and seek with themselves.

The real questions should be:

  • "How may I live a life that is harmless and contributes the to the well being of the whole?
  • Must we as a society continue to live a life that is harmful to others and to the environment, and must we continue to cause conflict and suffering to others?"

"Shouldn't these questions be left to religion?" one may ask.

What is religion but the attempt to live rightly? Suffering is the symptom and indication of not living rightly. People are false to religion if they act to divide people and cause suffering, rather than to meet their needs.

"Isn't this just moralizing, with no consideration for harsh reality?" one may ask.

Reality is harsh when one feels separate from and competitive with others; when one is distrustful and negative. The harsh realities many now experience are caused by the consequences of past selfish living, not meeting the needs of others. It doesn't help when the false media exaggerates, deceives, and increases distrust and fear. We are not prey or predators in a jungle, we are human beings!

If living with a positive attitude, to meet the needs of others, seems impossible, one should try such a change and observe the results. There is no way to test the truth of this than by turning off the false media and doing it. In so doing, we may help build a supportive community.

What is simple seems the hardest because, as a society, we have complicated matters by our past fearful thoughts, feelings and actions, and created institutions that perpetuate false politics, false philosophy, false society, and false economy.

Instead of trying to undo the tangled mess of string, we need to start anew by weaving solutions to our problems in a proactive, creative and cooperative way. On the other hand, reactionary activities just pull the tangles tighter, causing a tug-of-war of frustration, anger, and blame. Simple, true living by first meeting one's essential needs and then the needs of others builds trust, is liberating and healing!

© 2010 Richard V. Sidy

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