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January, 2009
8, Number 1

This Month's Article


Asleep while storms build,
in peaceful slumber
we dance in fantasies,
senses dulled;
nightmares lurk
in the clouds of our pleasures,
of our comforts and beliefs,
of our habits and routines,
thunderheads, gray and billowing
suppress cries and screams
until lightning strikes the earth —
a deluge of reality spills over
into life,
a dream created
by careless desires and denial;
crises finally breach
the dam of our complacency.

We awaken angry and in shock
our dreams so rudely interrupted,
long neglected debts
exhaled like bad morning breath
of indignation and fear;
shaken in naïveté and disbelief
unsteady, as the ground beneath
shifts, we stumble in despair,
in an unfamiliar room
with blank walls
and no door,
in a garden choked by weeds
sown by our own hand,
grief of imagination shattered —
our protective shelter now exposed
to the elements
and to the pains of others.

Richard V. Sidy, January 3, 2009

Many people breathed a sigh of relief as 2008 ended. From the financial mess, to environmental crises, to international conflicts, so many felt that last year was the worst in memory and they could not wait for 2009 to begin. From a different perspective however, 2008 was a great year! The ground has been plowed for the seeds of change to finally germinate. What people hated about 2008 was the exposure of all the ignorance that has ruled our land and the world for too long. Our great discomfort and the tragedies of human suffering revealed our failures and shattered our confidence and pride. We wake up at the dawn of 2009 realizing that we had no leadership in government and economics and our life has been largely driven by those satisfying their selfish interests.

It is hard to face our failures, but fear, greed and fanaticism, the driving forces of past and present suffering, die hard. As the new year was born, Israel and Hamas reminded us that people are still trapped in the illusion that the laws of the jungle will somehow resolve grievances and make their life more secure. On the contrary, all wars, conflicts and uprisings neglect our shared humanness and perpetuate the age-old sickness of hate.

Making friends
is more heroic
than defeating enemies.
There is no successful war
in the new millennium,
because war itself
is a sign of past failures,
the past failures
to create true friends.

Making Friends,
Richard Sidy, December 2001

So many human beings are sick and tired (finally!) of the status quo that somehow a new year will give us the excuse to change. One would hope that the end of the world as we knew it would create a definitive point of rebirth in social, political, and economic culture — a dramatic tipping point favoring the new thinkers, new innovators, new activists, and new humanitarians. The year 2008 was so painful because the forces of evolution stimulated the friction between the necessary adaptive qualities for future well-being and the fossilized, decaying, and irrelevant people, doctrines, and methodologies of the past. So those still nostalgic for the past are unhappy.

The past will not go away, but as humanity awakens to new ideas and cooperates to make life better for everyone, we can put it where it belongs: to history. There were good initiatives that will continue to grow to fruition in the future, and there were failures that should teach us their lessons, but the future belongs to those willing to move on. New and old co-exist during such a period of major transition such as we are currently experiencing. The old has to relinquish its dominance and graciously let the new be expressed. If not done willingly, the old order will continue to cause pain to those attached to it. That interface between the hope of new possibilities and the pain of losing the old order is the essence of what we experienced in 2008.

The new year has enormous potential for being a turning point, an awakening. What made 2008 different was that it produced the crises that have been building for ages. Finally we discovered that the Emperor was naked! The “Emperor” was all the illusions and vanity by which humanity has been governed for so long. Thank goodness for 2008 and welcome to 2009!

© 2009 Richard V. Sidy


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