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February, 2008
7, Number 2

This Month's Article

Seeking New Solutions: Beyond the Bush Years

American politicians of every political stripe this election year are saying that they represent change. Whatever they mean by “change” at least they are feeling that the national psyche is ready for a break with the past. They realize that more and more people are demanding leadership that will point in a new direction. People are treading water in a sea of disappointment and often despair. They have psychologically abandoned the ship of the past and are seeking the lifeboats of the future.

While the Bush presidency may be viewed as the “dark ages” of American politics, they may also mark the rebirth of American consciousness. The politics of 2000 to 2008 was a wake-up call, a slap in the face to our nation’s soul. Be it shame, or an affront to our national honor, people are beginning to reject the direction the Bush administration and its allies in government and business are taking our nation.

Our nation was born as a reaction by enlightened leaders to tyranny and injustice. The fertile soil of tyranny is complacence, selfishness and fear. Currently many Americans are expanding their expectations for justice beyond simply a national calling. More and more people in their hearts are starting to pledge their allegiance to the welfare of humanity and the planet.

Articles on this “Seeking New Solutions” web site over the last 6 years have been echoes of something universal stirring deep in people’s being. First they echoed the cries of pain for people and the environment seeking relief. Some have been responses of anger, dissatisfaction, fear and hopelessness assailing us from every corner of the planet.  These cries are everywhere, and rebound off the souls of people of conscience, moving them to speak out and take action. Their actions and words begin to tell the stories that must be told to shake humanity and its leaders out of slumber. They reverberate with hope, awakening many people.

When people’s eyes open, they realize that people of goodwill who are helping everywhere to make life better surround them. Gradually, a tipping point will be reached where awakened people predominate, and the needed healing for people and our planet will increase. Creative solutions to current problems are the result of people thinking in ways that are not limited by confining paradigms. 

The viewpoints of writings here, while often indignant, are nevertheless consistently optimistic. One has only to look at the dynamic expansion of people and organizations around the world advocating and working for a sustainable, fair, and quality life for others to feel the tide of hope. Human compassion, generosity, creativity and activism have never been so widespread as they are today. Even when personal resources are limited, people still find the means to give either of themselves or of their various material or non-material assets.

When people choose new leaders great deliberation must be made because we are at a critical time of change and opportunity. They must carefully analyze what each politician is appealing to in human nature. Backward looking people are recognizable in their appeals to fear, self-interest, and solutions that maintain the people’s comfort. Forward-looking people use the vocabulary of unity, cooperation, and solutions that promote progress and independence. Courage is the result of a free mind that is capable of imagining a better future even though it may not be familiar at present.

© 2008 Richard V. Sidy


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