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October, 2007
Vol. 6, Number

This Month's Article

How Much Pain Can We Stand?

Is it possible that the more pain that exists in the world the more we tolerate it? Perhaps as a natural protection against emotional stress and collapse we anesthetize ourselves against feeling too much.

Then, what is pain — physical pain, emotional pain, mental anguish, frustration, feelings of powerlessness in face of the enormity of world problems and human suffering? We witnessed a tremendous outpouring of charity after great, consciousness bending tragedies like 9/11, the tsunami in south Asia, and hurricane Katrina. Shortly, however, we became saturated and we experienced donor fatigue – that point when one tunes out tragedies because there are so many. This makes us ignore the many on-going, persistent ones — the AIDS pandemic, the genocide and hunger in Darfur, the daily death toll in Iraq, civil war in the Congo, the plight of children throughout the world….

After an accident this past summer I was asked by the paramedics treating me to rank my pain on a scale of 0-10. I found this an absurd request. The following poem, “A Matter of Scale” expresses my feelings about pain.

A Matter of Scale

The paramedic asked me to rate my pain
on a scale of zero to ten
stabbing, throbbing, the numb of shock —
pain is pain, but then
I saw the face of the beautiful child,
her shoulders, arms, her lifeless frame,
skin stretched tight, transparent thin
over death soon to come from hunger
in her mother’s arms,
flies in the corners of tearless eyes.

My bones out of place, shivering with cold
on a hot summer’s day
my pain perhaps an eight, but then
I heard screams from war zones on the news
and saw a man, panic on his face,
running from the horror, seeking escape —
a boy of maybe nine or ten,
legs that once kicked a soccer ball in fun,
in his father’s arms,
a bloody bundle, twisted and torn.

White, air-conditioned nausea, each move
a cold jab that evaporates
with the drip, drip of the I-V, but then
the hot dust of the camp blew in my eyes,
not enough guns to push away the fear,
no past, no present, no future,
youth raped with the lust of empty cries,
no name, no home, no pride,
no comforting arms for the refugee —
just a hollow bowl, a forgotten life.

The paramedic asked me to rate my pain
on a scale of zero to ten.


© 2007 Richard V. Sidy

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