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The News is not "New"

After I get up in the morning I go wake up my computer. I check the New York Times to make sure that California has not slipped into the ocean, I check to see if the balance of terror is still balanced, I go to The Huffington Post to learn which Republicans are now criticizing Bush, and then I check out the NOAA National Weather Service web site to see if the rain falling outside is thirty percent rain, fifty percent rain, or perhaps sunshine. In the back of my mind I am hoping for something out of the ordinary – some great evolutionary breakthrough, something to knock human consciousness off its track....Then I go about my daily routine.

All news from all media if taken together, presents very little that is new. To me, all news resembles a school of fish in a vast ocean — lots of individuals, but only one collective mass moving together driven by a mass instinct. Sometimes sunrays glisten off the reflective scales of the fish, but all in all, the news just darts here and there instinctively trying to satisfy its hunger and propagate itself. So the news is simply a mirror of human society and consciousness, conditioned by history, habits, instincts, emotions and the boredom that thirsts for entertainment. Yet when people look at the news or read the news, they are always hoping to be surprised, always hoping to find something new and unexpected; something to lift them out of the present routine; something to stir the imagination. It must be called “news,” not for what it is, but for what people wish it were. If people didn’t feel so trapped by the monotony of life they wouldn’t be so hungry for “news.” People even greet each other saying, “What’s new?”

That which is new in society is the product of thoughts and actions that seek to free people from the mindless school of fish that blindly moves through the ocean.  At best, news commentators or bloggers attempt to be the psychoanalysts or conscience of society. However, the focus is always on the nuances and frustrations in a world of sameness. All diverse ideologies, all the politics and relationships that drive the news, all the religious doctrines, all the ill-will and injustice, and all the emotions that create the excitement of fear and contentiousness that people find so stimulating, are old and backwards-looking. The school of the news is just teaching one lesson — that in the perpetual motion we feel from day to day, the individual has no power.

Why do we not have a “news” that is new and empowering? Why are people not demanding of the best minds and leaders to find a way out of the misery and suffering caused by perpetual ignorance and blindness? What people really want from news is new hope, are new perspectives that show that there really are solutions to the problems paralyzing human welfare everywhere in the world. People want to know that there are people unselfishly working to improve the human condition. Let’s face it, it is not in the interests of either the established political systems in any country or in the interests of the media to empower people to think for themselves or to have hope in the future. The word, “hope” has even mutated into a popular code word used by politicians who are seeking to rationalize failed policies and justify limiting human freedom, while trying to make people accept their misery. The news media and the blogosphere thrive on conflict — battles between adversaries and perceived powerlessness are their food.

So where can one find real NEW news? Look outside the news media and beyond political rhetoric machines. What is new is the documented proof that people are working untiringly to solve problems of the world. Visit the websites of non-governmental organizations that are working to solve health threats, to promote human rights, to combat poverty and ignorance, to save the environment, to investigate intelligent and spiritual approaches to better relations and to saner ways of living. Read the mission statements and accomplishments of the many organizations that have taken on a world problem and are trying to solve it. 

“News” is only new when it breaks our old notions about the direction of world events, and about our own possibility to influence them. When a fresh perspective replaces our fear and uncertainty, we may see alternative scenarios and new ways of responding. When we can intelligently and objectively view world events, we may stand apart, and no longer be swept along in a mindless school of fish. Breaking free, we may even find a cause to work for that gives us a sense of empowerment. The search for real news has the power to make one a new and independent thinker.




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