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June, 2009
8, Number 6

This Month's Article

The Time is Right

The time is right to change the desperate lyrics of the song Pretend:

Pretend you're happy when you're blue
It isn't very hard to do
And you'll find happiness without an end
Whenever you pretend

Remember anyone can dream
And nothing's bad as it may seem
The little things you haven't got
Could be a lot if you pretend

You'll find a love you can share
One you can call all your own
Just close your eyes, she'll be there
You'll never be alone

And if you sing this melody
You'll be pretending just like me
The world is mine; it can be yours, my friend
So why don't you pretend?

Pretend, Nat King Cole, 1953

The feelings of loneliness and isolation — feeling powerless against the intractable walls of power and bureaucracy, feeling disenfranchised and mute in our idealism, feeling marginalized by fear and prejudice — have made many take solace in their imaginations. This blossomed with technology into the sheltered, virtual worlds of Internet social and political life. There, we could have friends who shared our visions and dreams; we gained the power of having our voices heard on a level playing field. In the virtual community there were no obstacles to manifesting our gifts, and in that world, writing them made them live. Many found a safe haven there, to live where they could pretend that “nothing’s bad as it may seem.” At the same time, many found like-minded people and communities, and were empowered.

In the desert, the seeds of many flowers lay dormant year after year waiting for the right conditions to germinate and bloom. Many idealists, visioning a world sustained by right relationships with people and nature, lived their visions quietly “underground”  — seeds waiting. Now the time is right to sprout and grow in the real world! The mantra of the victorious Obama campaign, “Yes We Can,” has become the rain in the desert. Idealists and visionaries are emerging from the dry soil into the light, and the spiritual landscape is changing to delight those open to the coming spring!

Many people are still paralyzed by obstacles of the past. Barriers to pursuing the human dream of peace and security, to pursuing the human rights of life, liberty, dignity and happiness, to living in a world that is not put at risk by human activities and ignorance, still seem insurmountable to many. The reality is that when the time is right the obstacles fall. The right time is the moment when the full cup overflows. Now is the right time, because the seeds, which are those who know the answers to the human woe, are no longer dormant. Those who comprised the scattered seeds of good throughout the world are more and more quickly finding their allies and their voices — their fertile soil. The momentum is their increasing unity, moving like a bulldozer against the walls of impossibility. They are digging together the foundations of possibility. We are so fortunate to have leaders who embody this forward movement of humanity finally emerging from obscurity. The events of the past year have given new life to Dr. King’s credo: We shall overcome one day!

Why are idealists so optimistic when viewing the current social and economic upheaval? They know that crises make people pay attention and listen. Pain makes people very receptive to healing advice. Idealists know that it is their time to speak out and serve. In the current of historical necessity in which the world is struggling, problem solvers come to the forefront. They are the rope to which people now cling, with expectation and hope. The underground seeds have been gestating quietly storing their creative forces that will give form to the needed solutions. Problem solvers have quietly guarded the genetic DNA of human visionaries as our sacred legacy. Time is the cyclic rhythm, that music with which the builders of the new world will take their cues and celebrate our future.

We no longer have to pretend, because we are not alone. Joy, abundance, love and fellowship for which Nat King Cole’s voice yearns in Pretend, can be acquired by the opposite of pretending. Activists are now finding traction as problem solvers and healers of our planet and are finding their community widespread and growing. We now have the tools to tell our stories and to act together for good. The idea of community is no longer limited by geography. The World Wide Web is connecting people globally based on consciousness, shared ideals and service. Thus, we must be grateful for those who have kept hope alive through the darkest days of human history, and through their perseverance held open the door to the future.

© 2009 Richard V. Sidy


It is so ironical that Nat King Cole’s rendition of Pretend covers the subtext of hopelessness with such sweet and positive charm that one may actually forget the painful historical context. [In 1948 although enjoying the stature of a popular icon with hit songs achieving a broad and diverse audience, Cole’s family met the ugly face of racism when he bought a house in an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. So “pretending” was surely a sweet way of surviving the violence of humiliation and consoling one’s children.]

Watch Nat King Cole perform Pretend:



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